Writing a High-School Research Paper in a Matter of Days

It happens to the best of us. You’ve waited until the last minute to complete your research paper assignment for high school and are left with just a few days to do so. But with these easy tips you're still capable of completing a paper of a good quality in a such short period of time.

  • Draft a Tentative Thesis Statement
  • Day 1: Start by drafting a tentative thesis statement. We say tentative because it is more than likely to be modified as your search develops and your ideas change as a result of the content you’ve found.

  • Conduct Your Background Searches
  • Day 1: Take your thesis statement and use the main keywords to conduct a background online search. You should be able to find out more about your topic, but this information should primarily be used to help you establish the plan for your in-depth search.

  • Conduct Your In-Depth Searches
  • Day 2: All of your in-depth searches need to be made at the library. There you have access to credible academic and government resources you should use to support your arguments. The research librarian should provide you with the most efficient methods of finding these resources by using optimized keyword inquiries.

  • Develop an Assignment Outline
  • Day 3: Take all of your notes and arrange them into related ideas or cluster of ideas. Take the best ones in defense of your thesis statement: these will make up the body paragraphs. Create an outline to organize your thoughts.

  • Write the First Rough Paper Draft
  • Day 3: Now it’s time to get to the real nitty gritty. Use your notes and outline to guide all of your writing. And when you compose your first draft do so without breaking your momentum to make corrections. Try to get this done within one hour or in a single sitting.

  • Revise Your Research Paper Argument
  • Day 4: No high-school student will get his or her argument perfect the first time around. Your argument needs to be revised. Look for every opportunity to improve your paper by adding, deleting, or rearranging content.

  • Edit and Proofread Your Assignment
  • Day 5: After setting your assignment aside overnight, you can make all of your edits and proofread your writing for mistakes. Take your time while doing each of these as they can make a positive impact.

  • Put in All the Finishing Touches
  • Day 5: Now it’s time to put in all of the finishing touches. These include page numbers, footnotes and endnotes, and ensuring that all margins are even. Ask a friend to review your work for a second opinion.