Free Tips On How To Cite A Research Paper

While writing academic papers is something which students must do right, there are a few things which no matter how good you are when it comes to writing, must be put into perspective and one of them is how to cite something in a research paper. As opposed to the usual essay writing whereby basically a student is required to tell a story or explain a viewpoint, there is much more to take into account when it comes to research writing. First and foremost, writing a paper of this calibre is very demanding in the sense that a student must go out there and gather information on a given subject. Once you have noted down what ought to appear in your write up, the next stage in putting it down in a way that is coherent and in a format that is understandable.

Apart from writing paper creatively, you need to have a clear understanding of how to cite a research paper because at the end of the day, this is what will determine the grades you are awarded. To help you understand this better, we take you through a few tips hereafter, so take a look further for details.

  • Take not of writing style
  • When writing an academic paper, citation is always mandatory. However, it should be done in a way that is scholarly. To help you get started with how to cite in research paper, one thing which you must have at the back of your mind at all times is the writing style. Writing style helps you stick to a particular format when citing your sources because mixing two different styles will be disastrous to your desire for good grades.

  • Cite sources alphabetically and in order of what is most recent
  • Then there is the aspect of having your sources listed in your text alphabetically and also in order of what is most recent to the oldest. This is a rule of the thumb in research writing and also gives your writing a good format while enhancing readability. Always emphasize on books that are published in present memories.