Helpful Tricks For Completing Research Paper Footnotes Properly

In every way students always want to look at it, there is every justifiable reason why academic papers should have footnotes. However, this is not always the case with certain types of writing styles. Fundamentally, footnotes appear after every page in an academic paper and even in books but before you can put down something, seek answers to a few questions such as, is there a definite way by which footnotes are supposed to be written? Also, are there scholarly guidelines to help a student go about this? Word processing programs; most of them to say the least, have this capability as an inbuilt property so that students can always work around footnoting with the least of troubles. You have the discretion of tweaking this to suit whatever academic writing style you are employing in your writing so that at the end of the day, your research paper footnotes are nothing but phenomenal.

But while this is something you will be taken through during research writing lessons, students should make it a point of reading further on matters regarding footnotes on research paper because at the end of the day, it is that person who makes such an effort who is going to emerge a top performer. In other words, lessons on footnoting shouldn’t end with what is taught in class but extend into further reading. Ostensibly, there are tricks which while reading on the same, students should get a good grasp of because the making the whole issue of footnote writing easier to understand and even execute. This post therefore takes you through some helpful tricks for writing footnotes in research paper the best way it should be, so take a look further for insights.

  • Use a recommended format
  • While writing a research paper is largely dependent on an academic writing style and in which case formatting is automatically taken care of it, assumptions should never be part of it. It is not all the time that a default writing style which your institution recommends is necessary. Sometimes your tutor may require something different. Therefore get to know by inquire what is preferred by your teacher and use it.

  • Identify sources in your footnotes
  • Ostensibly, footnotes should further reinforce your sources of any information or data gathered from third party.

  • Why it may be necessary to shorten footnotes
  • Well, in a case where a source has already been identified in full in preceding chapters, it is not wrong to shorten them.