Crafting a Human Trafficking Research Paper Conclusion

Need some help in crafting the conclusion section for your research paper on human trafficking in South Africa? Try some of these really helpful tips to get you started.

  1. Start by:
    • Reading through your Introduction and Methodology sections. Make sure that you have covered all of the issues regarding human trafficking that you set out to do in your original research proposal.
    • If you have not already done so, make a few notes while you are reading through your work to act as reminders whilst you are writing the conclusion. This will save you time as you are working.
  2. The notes you need to make:
    • Focus on one area at a time and brainstorm your ideas. You can always filter or scrap the ideas that are irrelevant as you start your write up. Make a note of any links that you may refer to.
    • Make sure that you link your work by comparing your research into human trafficking in Africa to other geographical areas such as Eastern Europe and India.
  3. Writing the conclusion:
    • Introduce the section, remind your reader of the purpose and intention of your work and how it relates historically and geographically to social situations and behaviours. Relate this to your findings.
    • For the next part of this section, you can use this to highlight for the reader why and how you became interested in this topic. Did you find out anything new or were you able to confirm particular information?
    • If you discovered any revelations, or have suggestions on how the situation could be handled then make sure they are based on your work. Substantiate your ideas rather than make sweeping emotive statements.
    • If you repeated this research again, what would you do differently? Through the process what have you learned not just about human trafficking but also about the process of social research?
    • Part of the process of writing the conclusion is to illustrate that you have given thought not just to the information that you have discovered but also it says a lot about your own depth of thought and understanding.
    • The very last part of your conclusion should contain the advice that you would like to share with other students who may decide to replicate your study. Share what went well and what the pitfalls were.

The secret of writing a great conclusion to your paper is to work in a logical progression so it leads the reader to have no doubt about the effectiveness of your study.