How Can You Write A Research Paper In First Person?

Writing is way of expressing ideas and giving viewpoints on certain issues. However, while there are universal guidelines to academic writing, there are certain rules which students need to have at their fingertips because at the end of the day, it is that student who follows them to the letter who gets the best grades. Well, it is not every day that you will be told to you to write a research paper in first person. Usually, first person is common with bibliographies but there are also cases of narrative writing where the use of first person pronoun is strongly advised. But what does it mean to craft a paper in first person? Well, the question of can you write a research paper in first person should get you thinking of among other things, doing so from an authoritative point of view but how do to it should be something you need to look into extensively.

When you do a term paper in first person either singular or plural, take note that you must not delude from facts. This also means when it comes to presentation, you must properly demonstrate that having crafted written your research paper first person, you have a good grasp of not just the contents, but also the study design, subject, variables and sources of your data. Well, getting a good guide on how to do this is no mean feat and so, hereafter a few guidelines every student who wants to craft an award winning paper need to look into.

Identifies who was hands-on the study

While it is not a commonality in most academic studies, there is nothing wrong with using first person ā€˜Iā€™ in a scientific study. At the very least and which also happens to be the anchor reason why it should be used, it helps readers identify who partook on the study. So, if it is you who did the research and is reporting your findings, there is never anything wrong with doing so in first person. This has nothing to do with subjectivity in the study parse but reporting facts as is and from your point of view.

Statement of personal opinions

Can a research paper be written first person is a question that has bothered many and has for a long time been misconstrued to create a misconception- is it about objectivity and subjectivity? There is fundamentally nothing wrong when doing so in stating your opinions.