Picking up social psychology research paper topics

Looking for some really good ideas for social psychology research paper topics? Then try some of these ideas.

The best place to start is by chasing up some psychology research topic ideas that you may have had during your course then building on those ideas. There are some great ideas here that you may like to expand.

  • Social psychology & Culture
    1. Research the extent of the influence that food has on socio-cultural practices. How does society influence the food choices that we make?
    2. What social skills does a person who is going to live in another country need to help them acclimatise to a new culture?
    3. Is our culture turning into a ‘culture of fear’? Are we as a nation becoming paranoid, suspicious and generally averse to taking risks?
    4. What is the extent that social psychology theories are and social research dominated by the perspectives that are help in western divinations?
    5. How are trends in mobile phones; fashions and images explained through social psychology?
  • Social psychology & relationships
    1. What are the problems and shortfalls of an open marriage? How does an open marriage compare to a traditional marriage?
    2. What are the socio-psychological causes of bullying in schools? What are the consequences of bullying and how can they be minimised?
    3. How does gender role theory and research determine the close
    4. intimate quality relationships that exist between men and women.
    5. Looking at gender differences, in what way is female sexual promiscuity seen in comparison to male sexual promiscuity?
    6. How can social psychological theories help to understand and promote effective team work especially for medical teams?
  • Social psychology & family
    1. What theories can be offered to understand why couples feel it is important to have children? Does having children make them happy?
    2. In what way does social pressure contribute to mental health problems and well –being issues for children and adolescents?
    3. Discuss the Nature/Nurture debate concerning sibling behaviours, especially in cases where one sibling has learning difficulties.
    4. How does having an extended family improve the quality of childhood experiences? What happens when families live far away from each other?
    5. How does the dynamics of a family influence personality and character? Does the birth order have an effect on personality?
  • Social psychology & groups
    1. What social psychology factors contribute to youth delinquency? Does being in a gang have a strong impact on a self-fulfilling prophecy?
    2. What social psychology principles do clergy use to influence their congregations and how effective are they?
    3. What are the main psychological factors that determine employee satisfaction? Make comparisons between three different employments.
    4. What could be considered to be a pre-cursor to genocide? How can societies prevent this in the future?
    5. What are the main psychological problems that occur in situations where there is overcrowding particularly when it occurs at home.